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But it turns out the skin-tightening treatment is perfect for Army men and women, who are held to a certain neck-to-stomach ratio during periodic weigh-ins, Donalds said.

Clients can lose as many as 15 inches in one session, although weight loss isn't assumed, Donalds said. That appeals to military personnel, who ask that their necks be exempted from the body wrap.

Donalds and her daughter, Crystal Schlicher, operate Allvera Body Wrap & Wellness Center, with locations in Grove City and Pickerington. Both were in the insurance field when Donalds had a body wrap done and, thrilled with the results, called Schlicher to share her idea for a business venture.

Detoxifying treatments are the core of Allvera, which opened in 2008. Body wraps, where the body is layered in aloe-soaked fabric strips and kept insulated with blankets or a plastic suit, help clients lose inches by tightening and firming the skin.

Allvera locations also offer a foot detox treatment, which uses an electronic current to draw toxins from the body. An elastic strap with a metal section is worn around the wrist and hooked to the detox machine, as is an ion filter that goes in a hot foot bath; it creates a cyclical flow of energy, although it's nothing the user can feel.

During the 30-minute treatment, the water changes colors - ranging from black or brown, which indicates toxins in the liver, to orange or yellowish-green, which can tell of joint pain or kidney or bladder toxins.

The colors elicit both curiosity and disgust. But after 10 treatments in three weeks or so, a person would notice little to no color change, meaning he or she is toxin-free, Schlicher said.

"It's really good for your metabolism and for your joints," Donalds added.

A paraffin hand or foot dip, massage services and spray tanning are among the added offerings available, and Allvera also carries an in-house line of Newark-made lotions and creams.

The Grove City location is their second; the original, in Pickerington, is now operated by new owners, and Dublin and Hilliard centers are in the works. Schlicher and Donalds hope to take the franchise national in the near future.

Allvera Body Wrap & Wellness Center

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