What are you wearing? Sharon Bell

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Job: Part-time at Skreened; freelancer for; designer of "dark and happy" dolls

Neighborhood: Weinland Park

Hometown: Cincinnati

Age: 42

Label your style: "Watered-down punk rock for the middle-aged"

Talk more about this label you've given your style.

You use scarves to hide your sagging neck, accessories to draw attention away from the wrinkles, hats to hide gray hair and layers because we get cold.

You must also wear a lot of T-shirts.

I'm a straight-up T-shirts and jeans kind of person. Everyone at Skreened pretty much wears Skreened shirts every day. It's fun. You can wear whatever you want on a T-shirt every day.

Where do you like to shop?

Mainly, the thrift store - I like Rag-O-Rama - or my daughter's closet. The handmade things are mostly gifts or trades (for something of mine). I'm in the Crafty Cotillion, and we all try to spread the love.

You're able to share clothes with your daughter?

She's 14. She has her own little style going, and it's pretty cute. It's similar enough that we can trade off a lot of stuff. But her room is pretty much a black hole. If she borrows something, I don't see it again for a long time.

What impression do you think people get from your look?

I don't really think about that. It's just what I feel comfortable in. I'm just not ready to grow up. I really think, internally, I am a teenager - where my daughter is right now, I just really identify with that whole scene.

The outfit:

Striped shirt: tank dress by AmyD

T-shirt: Skreened

Jeans: Tyte

Shoes: Converse

Scarf: Liberty HandKnits

Necklaces: Tragic Adornments, Pieces of 8

Arm warmers: made by a friend, Marjorie