Meals to put you in the Mood

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Casanova is said to have gobbled up oysters like he did women. In fact, I've read that he sometimes had as many as 50 for breakfast - oysters, that is.

Anyway, can we then induce a relationship between certain foods and the power to seduce? My answer to that probing question is: well, why not? Because (and most scientific studies point to this) I believe the most potent sexual organ is that bulging mass that lies between your ears (I'm talking about the brain, silly).

So if you believe hard enough that eating particular aphrodisiacs will increase your chances of scoring, well maybe it will. Speaking of scoring, do you realize Valentine's Day is just around the corner? Yeah, that's gotten my attention, too.

But unless you're dating someone like Tiger Woods (who apparently doesn't need much to make his putter flutter), or you are like Tiger Woods yourself, love on demand (that sounds like an absorbing hotel TV channel, doesn't it?) can sometimes be a tall order.

That's why I'm going to suggest a few nice dishes and places that can help ease you into amore (and please roll your R's excessively when you say/read that word).

Because from lapping up traditional aphrodisiacs to scooching up close to each other in a cozy, romantic restaurant to sensually sharing a plate of exciting chow, I really do think that food can help put you in the mood. Here's to all of us who love to eat and eat to love.