Taste Test: Columbus chocolatiers

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Columbus Alive

Because nothing trumps really great chocolate on V-Day, and nothing's easier to procure - especially in Columbus. That's because our fair city is fortunate to have two hometown world-class chocolatiers - Pure Imagination and Yosick's.

But since both shops are stocked with a wide and interesting mix of candies, it makes choosing which ones might be best suited for your Valentine kind of difficult. So here's a few tips to help sweeten the path of cupid's arrow.

Pure Imagination Chocolatier in the North Market takes its name seriously. Ergo, it'll enrobe its beautiful chocolate over a wide variety of inspired fillings. ($23 for a box of 16, or $1.25 each)


You can't go wrong with a glossy red heart-shaped candy - especially one as distinct and delicious as this one. I'm not usually a fan of white chocolate, but I love this Appletini, whose white-chocolate shell gives way to a juicy center that actually tastes like an apple cocktail.

Wild Blueberry and Gouda

Only Pure Imagination would think to couple a blueberry jelly-like layer with a mildly cheesy one. Jammed inside a curlicue-decorated dark chocolate exterior, the subdued interior team work great together.


Translating to "food of the gods," this fruity and mildly spicy candy was highlighted in the movie "Chocolat" and it manages to live up to its name.

Yosick's Artisan Chocolates in German Village is largely a one-woman labor of love - and her excellent Kosher candies show it. ($15 for a box of 10, or $1.50 each)

Cinnamon Heart

This heart-shaped candy shows off a dynamic graphic design in perky tones of orange, yellow and purple. Its flavor is equally perky - a soft chocolate interior enlivened with, but not overwhelmed by, red hot cinnamon.

Five Spice

Decorated with a tiny gold heart, this globe-like chocolate truffle has unusual, aromatic star anise and tea-like accents.

Blood Orange

A sleek triangle with a little raised circular nub on it holds a creamy, pale orange fruity center that's easy to love.

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