What are you wearing? Ryan Barry

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Job: Junior studying advertising and graphic design at CCAD

Neighborhood: Discovery District

Hometown: Cleveland

Age: 20

Label your style: "On trend"

What influences your style?

I like Korean fashion a lot. I get a lot of ideas from Korean fashion websites and videos and whatnot.

I shop on yesstyle.com. They've got a lot of sweet hoodies, jackets. I basically do all my shopping online. There's nothing I'll see in the mall that I'm like, "Ah, that's awesome!"

What do you wear a lot of?

In the past year, I've kind of gone to black, white and gray. I have a lot of crazy shoes. I have neon green Reebok high-tops with pink splattered on them, and the ones I wear pretty much every day are these big, black Reebok high-tops with straps all over them. They're patent leather.

What are people wearing right now that you can't stand?

Those little indie scarves that everyone wears, with the little tassels. Those were out, like, two years ago. I don't know why "sailor" is coming back, and the horizontal blue-and-white-striped everything.

I have a whole list of things I hate. Me and my friend are working on a fashion blog, at travelingjncos.blogspot.com, which is why I'm keeping track of it.

What's the story behind the Hello Kitty charms sticking out of your pocket?

They're cell phone charms. I bought one once, because I thought it would be funny. And then I just bought a ton. Basically, my goal is to dress like a little Asian girl. [Laughs.]

The outfit:

Jacket: Urban Outfitters

Sweater: yesstyle.com

Jeans: Ksubi

Shoes: Supra from Factory 413

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