What are you wearing? Brooke Rex

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Neighborhood: Worthington

Hometown: Lima

Age: 28

Label: "Trendy, modern, chic"

What do you like to wear?

Stuff that I'm comfortable in. I don't like to wear really revealing clothing, I've never been like that. I guess I've always been more conservative. I really love leggings. When leggings go out of style - and you can quote this - I will still wear them, just under my jeans.

Where do you find the things you like?

I like Pitaya, Forever 21, Express, Victoria's Secret - everyone likes Victoria's Secret - American Apparel and Urban Outfitters, sometimes.

If you love leggings so much, where do you go for leggings?

Forever 21. They're only $5 there.

What's popular right now that you can't bring yourself to wear?

Lots of stuff. Like those plaid, button-up, boyfriend-shirt-looking dress things. I'm not going to wear lingerie as a top. I will never wear leopard print. Anything. Ever. And I can't wear long skirts or long dresses. I'm too short.

What influences your style?

I don't want to admit it - it's going to make me sound like I want to be a lot younger than I am - but I really like the cast of "Gossip Girl." I like putting old with new, trendy with traditional.

How has your style changed?

I'm not a label whore anymore. I'm not going to sell somebody's clothing, with their label across my shirt, unless they pay me to do it.

Any offers?

Not yet.

The outfit:

Jacket: Forever 21

Shirt: Forever 21

Jeans: Express

Hat: Forever 21

Shoes: Marc Jacobs

Hello Kitty necklace: from a boutique in Indiana

Ring: from her mom

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