What are you wearing? Carmen Owens

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Neighborhood: North Campus

Hometown: Westerville

Age: 33

Label your style: "Functional but eclectic"

What do you like to wear?

Functionality is important to me because of my job. I love my "shress" - it looks girly, it looks cute, but you've got pants on. So if you've got to climb a ladder or a tree or whatever it is, it's still functional, and you're not going to flash anybody.

Inevitably, anytime I would wear cute little peep-toe heels to work, it would be insanely busy and I would end up in the kitchen in high heels. It was just ridiculous.

It sounds like you don't miss heels that much.

Huh-uh. I like to get dressed up on occasion, but my everyday stuff is pretty easygoing.

What do you wear a lot of?

I wear what makes me happy. I don't feel like there's any such thing as clashing, I guess. In terms of stripes and polka dots and flowers and whatever, let's do it - all at the same time.

Tell me about these boots.

I was debating if these were too much, but I do wear them almost every day. They're from a midnight shopping spree at Meijer. I realized that I was going to have to say "Meijer" in this thing, but they were so cute.

What about your sunglasses?

I actually like wearing sunglasses more as a hair restraint.

What products do you use for hair restraint?

Garnier Fructis' wax putty and spray gel.

The outfit:

Top: AmyD from Kickstart

"Shress": Rag-o-Rama

Jeans: from a thrift store

Boots: Meijer

Ring: from Mary Catherine's Antiques

Necklace: a Christmas present

Sunglasses: from Target

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