Vino File: Spring forward

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

When Josh Shapiro said he was going to pull some inexpensive spring whites off the shelves of his Short North shop, he wasn't kidding.

The owner of Vino 100 in the Short North is tired of the snow and thinks it's time to think spring. And what better way to get in the mood - besides a spring break trip, of course - than sampling some light whites?

Among his value-packed selections is an $8 chardonnay that's great for sipping after work with friends or enjoying with seafood.

It might be a little too early to break out the patio furniture, but these white wines will have your mind on warmer weather. -Brittany Kress

Quara Chardonnay (2006)

Region: Argentina

Cost: $9

Flavors: Only slightly oaky and buttery, with a bright banana and pineapple finish

Pairs well with: Anything from fish to pork

Josh Shapiro's advice: "It's really versatile. If you don't know what to serve, and you're feeling white, it's a good wine."

La Fiera Pinot Grigio (2009)

Region: Veneto, France

Cost: $8

Flavors: More floral scents than a typical pinot grigio; crisp and slightly sweet

Pairs well with: Lobster, cod, halibut or Asian dishes, like pad Thai

Josh Shapiro's advice: "It's a crazy value. But I think the thing that really stands out is that it's a bit more floral than your typical pinot grigio."

Sauvion Muscadet (2007)

Region: Loire Valley, France

Cost: $12

Flavors: Melon fruit flavors, but also salty and bone-dry; crisp and thirst-quenching

Pairs well with: Oysters or shellfish

Josh Shapiro's advice: "It's actually supposed to be really good for you, because it is bone-dry and has absolutely no residual sugar. People in Loire look incredibly young, and they always say it's because of the muscadet."