Angel on the Move

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Angel Alexander rarely slows down. As a student at Worthington High School, she earned accolades as a standout goalkeeper in soccer and ran in the state championship in track. Then, despite a rigorous academic lineup at Ohio State University, she took up martial arts and athletic officiating. Now, even as a family physician, she's running full throttle: The 36-year-old Hilliard woman owns Pro-Health Services (a Columbus medical office that includes a Center for Medical Weight Loss), keeps romance alive with the high school sweetheart she married, raises two children, practices martial arts and helps teach karate to underprivileged children.

Life Style

My greatest passion: Honestly, being able to help people. I have patients who I take care of for free.

My biggest annoyance: People not holding their word.

The thing that makes me laugh hardest: Probably moments of innocence from my children. We were recently watching a home video from when I was pregnant with Nate, saying "Hi, Nate" to my belly. My daughter asked me, "Mom, why did you eat Nate-Nate?"

I most admire: Clair Huxtable. Fictitious character, but representing a successful African-American female. You don't get to see that portrayed a lot.

Three things that I hope people say I am: Compassionate, full of integrity and fun.

Three things that I hope people say I am not: Older than my stated age, a bad cook and too old-fashioned.

My ideal day includes: Waking up without the alarm clock. Having breakfast - either IHOP pancakes or French toast, and me not having to do any dishes. Doing exercise of some sort. Having some time to get to read. And laughter.

The last thing that made me smile: Getting up and looking at my husband. Actually, I ran out of gas today - so when he came to my rescue!


Book: I love Frank Peretti... all of them he's got.

Band: DC Talk

Movie: "Top Gun"

Sound: A heartbeat

Childhood memory: When my dad gave me this necklace when I was in fifth grade. Now I have to figure out, which child do I pass it down to?

Saying: "If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten." My grandfather actually had a picture in his house that said that.