Skin Deep: Cool tools

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

We've come a long way - to makeup you can spray.

That's right, the airbrush makeup machines that have helped models look even more perfect for years can now be used in the comfort of your own home.

It might be the coolest new beauty tool, but it's not the only one. Plenty of inventions designed to make it easier to make yourself up have hit shelves recently.

These tools are meant to minimize messes and boost beauty. Necessary? No. Splurge-worthy? Sure. Especially if you're dealing with the hassles these tools promise to help.

Temptu airbrush makeup system

Sephora, $225

You've probably heard of airbrush makeup, but who knew it was something you could use at home? These photo-shoot-quality machines are designed with everyday makeup perfectionists in mind.

The Temptu system debuted less than a year ago from a company with years of experience doing makeup for movies and models. A wand dispenses foundation, blush or highlighter from the inserted "pod" cartridges, and each system comes with a how-to DVD.

The result, according to Temptu, is unmatched coverage fit for a high-definition world.

Sephora shadow shields

Sephora, $12

Extra eye shadow inevitably falls from lids. A wayward mascara brush often strikes below the lash line. Shadow shields to the rescue! Adhere the moon-shaped strip to the under-eye area during makeup application and remove it afterward. Voila! No re-doing required.

Sephora lower lash curler

Sephora, $10

Here's a solution I never knew existed for a problem I never knew existed. Straight lower lashes can be curled into submission using this inside-out-looking lash curler. Use it to gently grip and crimp lower lashes, much like you would with a regular lash curler.

Sephora nail polish corrector pen

Sephora, $6

No more messing with Q-tips and cotton balls. Banish stray nail polish marks with this corrector pen, which removes mess-ups in one quick, precise swipe and keeps you from ruining the rest of your manicure in the process.