What are you wearing? Megan Coyan

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Job: Independent textile designer; hand-dyes scarves for her Etsy line, Miss Megan Mac

Neighborhood: Clintonville

Hometown: Delaware

Age: 39

Label your style: "Urban weaver meets belly dancer"

So do you belly dance?

I do. It's one of those things - once you start doing it, you find that it influences a lot of aspects of your life, including your clothing.

I assume being a designer influences your style, too?

I'm very particular about fabrics. If I find something with a beautiful woven fabric, then I'm like, "I have to have this." Even if it's in a too-small size, but there's only one of them, and there's something inspiring about the weave or the colors, I sometimes have to get it just to pull it out to look at it.

What do you gravitate toward?

I usually wear a lot of black with a splash of color. Even if this was a black top and jeans, I'd probably still have a scarf around my neck or in my hair. So it's nice that I feed my own scarf addiction.

Where do you like to shop?

I find myself online, late at night, shopping. I love Anthropologie for dresses. I like Boden, a company out of the UK - I like their sensibility with colors, it's a very English way of looking at colors or patterns.

You smell very good. What are you wearing?

I wear Addict by Dior. That's kind of my signature fragrance.

The outfit:

Top: from Zara

Scarf at waist: by Megan

Skirt: Liz Claiborne

Boots: Banana Republic

Tights: from Kohl's

Necklace: by local jewelry artist Michelle Harris

Earrings: by local jewelry artist Tammy Irwin

Ring: by Megan

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