Brunch Season: 8 spots to check out

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The future might be unknown, but every new year, every freshly printed calendar arrives stamped with preordained certainties.

This temporal determinism has important consequences. Thus, in 2010, Easter Sunday has to be on April 4 (pertinent to people all over the world); traditional opening day for baseball is the day after that (pertinent to pastoral sports sentimentalists with long attention spans - like me); and Mother's Day will happen on May 9 (pertinent to anyone not hatched from an egg).

For a food writer, this might also mean it's time for a brunch article. That's because Easter - and especially Mother's Day - are sold-out bonanzas in the brunching business (if you don't want to get shut out, I suggest you start dialing as soon as you finish reading this).

Here's a few restaurants whose food, frills and upscale swills perfectly fit the celebratory brunch-day bill.