What are you wearing? Tony Boston

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Job: Accountant for Express

Neighborhood: Reynoldsburg

Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama

Age: 25

Label your style: "Street sleek"

Were you into fashion before you started working for Express?

I really started to tap into my style when I started working for Express. I started working in the store as a senior in college, and they promoted me up here. Now, being in a boring field, at least I work in a place with hip people, fun people.

What's fashion like in Birmingham?

Alabama's very conservative. All the funky colors - don't do that. People will look at you weird.

What's your style like now?

I'm big on the accessories. I'll usually have a basic outfit - a basic shirt, a basic blazer; pull up the sleeves, don't look so uptight. But I'll have a pop of color. Or some nice sneakers.

Do you switch up your glasses?

I don't need these. They're completely style. I have a whole lot, different kinds - Run DMC glasses, nerdy glasses. It just makes the outfit fun sometimes. I don't wear them all the time, but if I'm going to a party or an event, I might throw some glasses on.

What are some of your favorite pieces of clothing?

I snatched up a brand new racer leather jacket last year at Express' sample sale. I was like, "Yes!" I've built my wardrobe a lot from those sales. I'm also really starting to like the INC line. I have a peacoat and this shiny, puffy, trashbag-looking jacket from them.

The outfit:

Shirt: Old Navy

Blazer: Express

Jeans: Express

Tie: Express

Gloves: from a thrift store

Shoes: Converse from Finish Line

Watch: Invicta

Glasses: Hot Topic

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