Shop Talk at Create

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Peggy Sanese & Traci Villwock, 60 & 36

Co-Owners, Create

13 High St., Dublin


Q: You're a mom-and-daughter team with a bright, colorful children's boutique selling everything from clothes to toys. We'll talk clothes first. What sizes do you carry?

Peggy: For girls, we have sizes from newborn to 10 years old, and for boys, from newborn to 7.

Q: You focus on buying long, not deep-meaning you don't carry a lot of any one specific clothing item, but you carry several lines, right?

Peggy: We have over 200!

Traci: We literally have 210 vendors.

Q: Can you tell me a bit about your toys?

Peggy: We definitely make sure our toys are educational.

Traci: Some are hand-eye coordination, counting and even creating.

Q: And your books?

Traci: We start with newborn with cloth books, and we like to buy unique books-interactive, pop-up books, things that pull out. They usually have a really good moral.

Q: You also carry a few gifts for women. Can you tell me about what you offer on that front?

Traci: We're really going to start looking into maternity. But we like our scented candles, things that make moms feel good. We want to add a little bit more for moms.

Q: You both say that though Peggy's the mom, she's the less conservative of the two of you, right?

Peggy: Yes. I had a beauty salon. I was a hair stylist. I taught high design at a cosmetology school. Traci, she graduated from college-Ohio State-(and) her whole mindset has been business.

Q: Traci, how do your two kids-a 12-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son-feel about the store?

Traci: They both like to work at the shop. They like to come in and help out.

Peggy: (My granddaughter) put the jewelry display together. She's very artsy.

Q: You've been in business for more than seven years, and you obviously take a lot of pride in your shop. How often are you here?

Peggy: I'm here seven days a week. She's here five days a week. I don't even think of the hours.

Q: So what do you love most? What makes all those hours worth it?

Traci: I do love being with my mom and having it be family. It allows me flexibility, and it involves the kids, too. It's good. I love being with our customers. I love people.

Peggy: Variety. Never the same day. I love it. And I love working with my daughter.

Q: Peggy, you husband, Ralph, runs the vending and food service company Sanese Services. Do you bounce ideas off of each other?

Peggy: Ralph and I always have morning coffee and we always talk business. He's a very good resource.

--Kristy Eckert,