Spring Trends: A Q & A with Wardrobe Therapy

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly
Hallelujah -- the sunshine is here! That means it's time to talk spring trends. So we did, with Elizabeth Bean Smith, owner of Wardrobe Therapy. Here's the scoop

Q: What are some trends are you seeing for this spring?

We're seeing so much denim for both women and men-denim shirts paired with skinny denim jeans, denim skirts, ties, jackets. And it's worn just like we used to wear it-all together! No worries on matching the denim.

Nude is another one that is a major trend. Pretty chiffon blouses, nudes with navy, black, colors. Nude accessories. We love the nude pumps that are everywhere. They're so flattering and really elongate the woman's leg. So fresh and current.

Sporty chic is another trend . We are really seeing an athletic-inspired spin to clothing this spring. The one thing you don't want to look is sloppy. This is not about throwing on your yoga pants for the day, ladies. It's about the sportswear-inspired details. For the younger lady, the side braid or knee-high socks. For the more sophisticated woman, pleated tunics and details like buckles and rope ties.

Another big trend is military-inspired items , with a twist. It's more futuristic. Lots of metal plating. Leather. Chain detailing.

Q: Nudes -- as women will see in the next issue of Capital Style -- are all the rage this season. Can you talk about what exactly "nude" is, and how women can best wear it?

Head-to-toe nude looks make a fresh statement. Think blush tones-champagne pink, zinfandels, rose, or peach undertones. To pull it off, try mixing it with different colors. Layer a nude top under a navy suit. Try a champagne pink blouse under a black cardigan. If you're hesitant to try a complete look, add one item to your collection like a nude pump to update your wardrobe.