What Are You Wearing? Jay Grant

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Job: Sales associate

Neighborhood: Easton

Hometown: East Side

Age: 29

Label your style: "Street savvy"

What do you like to wear?

Right now, I prefer more basic stuff than over-the-top stuff, especially coming out of the age of Ed Hardy and all the Affliction stuff, where everything was gaudy and bejeweled.

What's your closet full of?

I have a ton of designer denim. My favorite right now is Hudson. I wore these because not a lot of people know about Hudson.

I love henleys, plaid shirts, military-style shirts - anything with the rolled cuff and epaulettes. Express is good for getting those military-style shirts.

Where else do you like to shop?

Definitely Nordstrom. And H&M, I can't wait for the Easton store to open. And Forever 21's men's stuff at Easton is good too.

Do you wear much color? Today's look is pretty monotone.

I definitely like color. Especially in the summertime. I'll do red, green, yellow, purple - love purple. That's a hot color right now. I have a purple V-neck T-shirt that's fantastic.

Where do you get style ideas?

TV and magazines. I like to mix and match pieces from different places. [Looks at some of the posters hanging up in the Alive office.] I might wear the camo hoodie that Lil Wayne's wearing, but probably would do without the medallion and all that.

And then the whole look that Daniel Craig has going on [in a "007" poster] - I actually want to try a bow tie pretty soon, because it's such a classic look.

The outfit:

Jacket: Diesel

T-shirt: Hanes

Suspenders: H&M

Jeans: Hudson

Shoes: Chuck Taylor

Dog tags: printed at Cousins Army Navy

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