Taco Truck Tour: Los Guachos

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The truck stops here: Gleaming like an open-faced metal diner in a vast parking lot bordering a giant grain silo and the formidable El Volcan disco is the impressively professional Los Guachos setup. Here, an official uniform-shirted team oversees the impassioned needs of an often-teeming crowd.

Los Guachos not only has a printed menu, but its double-wide trailer sports a lengthy metal counter with about a dozen barstools underneath. This is a taco truck that still inspires dreams - and silly, made-up theme songs - amongst the excited three amigos.

Specialties of the truck: Los Guachos' delectable al pastor meat is the magnet that attracts the persistent crowds. Sort of like Mexican pork shawarma, it is juicy red sheets of glorious, mildly seasoned piggy stacked high on a constantly sawed-on spit - topped with a pineapple, of course! And it is likely the best al pastor in town.

The stuff is fantastic on a taco, but when featured on a gringa - between toasted flour tortillas blanketed with rich and golden-brown broiled Mexican cheese -it especially shines.

Either way, the al pastor is best eaten with an enlivening combo of the many terrific condiments Los Guachos lays out in metal bowls. I liked it with the avocado-kissed cooling green salsa balancing out the fiery, almost Korean-like pickled onions.

Limited time offers: The fabulous al pastor tacos are two-for-one on Tuesdays.

If you dare: Show up on a Tuesday, because I hear it can get wildly crowded then.

Los Guachos

461 Commerce Sq., West Side