Taco Truck Tour: Taco Nazo

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Columbus Alive

The truck stops here: In the giant parking lot (you'll have no automotive positioning issues) between a Walgreen's and a defunct Lev's Pawn Shop sits an corn-yellow truck conducting a brisk business (note: bring chairs or plan to dine in or on your car).

Nazo's on the high-profile side of taco trucking, and thus was chosen by Slow Foods Columbus to provide their famous tamales and beautiful cakes for celebrity chef Rick Bayless' recent book-signing reception at the North Market.

Specialties of the truck: One of the amigos dubbed the dependable Nazo a "jack of all trades" Mexican food station. But clearly standing out was Nazo's uncommon - and uncommonly delicious - version of a meat mixture called "campechano."

Racy chorizo sausage had been fried with chopped carne asada (beef) to create the campechano's knockout one-two punch of tender but crinkly/crispy taco filling.

Nazo also makes a killer carnitas torta (tortas are sub-like Mexican "taco sandwiches"), and their excellent tacos are served with the hot-and-cold, yin-and-yang of fried whole jalapenos plus chunks of raw cucumber.

If you dare: Nazo's unusual chicharrone is not crisply fried, so its texture is rather gelatinous - kind of like a "meat noodle," as one of our group observed. Definitely worth a try for the texturally adventurous.

Limited time offers: Nazo's wonderfully moist and tender tamales are available in the morning (until they're gone), and fresh and refreshing ceviche tostadas are sold on weekends.

Taco Nazo

2200 E. Dublin-Granville Rd., North Side