Taco Truck Tour: Taqueria Jalisco

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The truck stops here: Abutting a building housing a carryout and the Estetica Angelica hair salon is Jalisco's small red trailer. To let you know they mean business, an OPEN sign quaintly glows in its little hinged window. Just off to the side are a couple of extremely convenient picnic tables. This was the first taco truck the amigos ever visited, and they clearly have a soft spot for Jalisco and its outgoing owners.

Specialties of the truck: Jalisco's mulitas - flash-fried corn tortillas sandwiching melted Mexican cheese, avocado slices, hot sauce, taco fixins and your choice meat - are a must.

Still, my favorite chomps at Jalisco were the crunchy, toasted-corn-flour-powered sopes (fried, thickish, rimmed masa dough discs) topped with beans, Jalisco's especially delicious carnitas, lettuce, and crema.

If you dare: Jalisco's a great place to try to slip in a little tongue. Their amigos-recommended lengua was like super-tender, stewy beef cubes tasting similar to good oxtail.

Limited time offers: Ceviche is available on Fridays and sometimes over the weekend, and Sundays are the day for birria (goat stew).

Taqueria Jalisco

4664 Cleveland Ave., North Side