Twice as Nice

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Jennifer Bahney's translucent, disc-shaped soaps are designed to pamper your skin -- and someone else's soul.

Handcrafted by Bahney in her Circleville home, SavonClaire soaps come in scents like orange pomander and chocolate truffle. And for every $9 soap sold, Bahney donates one to someone whose body and spirit could use it. They've soothed folks ranging from the Columbus SouthSide Community Action Network's homeless program to as far as Haiti.

"The idea is for people in need to get something nice," said Bahney, 42, who also makes beauty products for Long Hair Lovers, her other home-based business. "It's like 'I know you've got problems a lot bigger than this will solve, but maybe this will make you feel a little better.' "