What are you wearing? Jovanna Robinson

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Job: Co-founder of image-consulting firm Style Fierce

Neighborhood: Blacklick

Hometown: Toledo

Age: 27

Label your style: "Classy/sexy"

Do you go shopping often?

I'm always in the store. I don't necessarily have time to shop for myself - I'm always shopping for somebody else. Because of the way I put looks together, I can find something anywhere.

I like to shop online sometimes because you can find something that's not in the city. And if there's something I want and can't find, I'll just make it. I graduated from CCAD's fashion design program a year ago.

What kinds of things have you made since then?

I've made a couple pencil skirts, and a few weeks ago, I made a shift dress with a beaded, silk top with a mandarin collar and a little tie. I got the fabric at Mood in New York.

What made you get into the styling business?

My sophomore year, I realized even though it's fun to take something from your head, make it and be able to wear it, I'm more into helping people with their image.

Seems like you like accessories.

I love accessories. My husband called me an "accessory whore" once. This necklace I love because I can wear it with so many different things, because of the colors.

What are you excited to wear for spring?

Yellow is the color of spring, and I'm trying to get my hands on something yellow. I don't usually wear yellow, but I'm on the hunt for it.

The outfit:

Sweater: Old Navy

Top: Target

Pants: from a boutique in Manhattan

Shoes: her grandmother's

Necklace: from E.L.I.T.E. Studios

Bracelet: Tiffany & Co.

Bangle: a gift

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