Window Shopping: Trendy flip-flops

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Flip-flops have grown up a bit.

They've always been an essential, go-anywhere part of a warm-weather outfit. But lately, the simple sole-and-two-straps concept has taken on a trendier look.

The basics are still out there in droves, of course, but check out the sparkle, ruffles and bows on these babies.

We zeroed in exclusively on the thong-style, no-heel flip-flops - the ones that make that satisfying "thwack" sound as they flip up against your heel. For many, it's part of the soundtrack of summer.

A couple of our picks are from the new ShoeWoo store, which opened at Easton a few weeks ago.

A touch of whimsy

J. Crew, $98

The tiny ribbon-and-rhinestone flower makes this flip-flop instantly girly, but the toned-down colors are far from teenage. The lovely leather sole will last for years. Pair these with an embellished top that shares the floral tones.

Not so straight-edge

Aldo, $35

Spring's ruffle trends have extended to the feet. Flip-flop straps are feminized with a ruffle of fabric and a string of rhinestones. We like the pop of color from this pinky-peach tone, but they also come in black and sand colors.

Classic goes metallic

Old Navy, $3.50

Certainly you've come to rely on Old Navy's rainbow of rubbery soles as staples of your summer. (And at two for $5, how could you not?) This season, a few metallic additions joined the lineup, like a pearly white and this gold. Be warned: They're being snapped up quickly.

Ankle bracelet, anyone?

ShoeWoo, $59

This stacked-bracelet style is very fashion-forward, and all sorts of colorful, studded styles are out there. We prefer this natural, beachy look. Shells, sea glass and faux pearls circle the ankle in bands. A zipper up the back makes getting these on and off a little easier.

Wear with any outfit

ShoeWoo, $50

This pair ups the glam factor while keeping heels planted firmly on the ground. Edged in a waterfall of mini-mirrors, they're great for both daytime jeans-and-a-tee looks and easy evening dresses. These guys are also available in black and gold tones.