Fashion: AmyD

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Columbus Alive

When I first wrote about AmyD, her DIY line of coffee koozies and men's-shirts-turned-aprons was selling out of a nook in an Uptown Westerville coffeehouse.

Amy Dalrymple, who is better known as AmyD, later moved her operation to a short-lived Clintonville storefront before peddling her wares through the now-defunct Kickstart coffee and scooter shop in the Short North.

When I asked her last week how things were going, her response was an unequivocal "Great!"

AmyD aprons are now sold through Hills Market, Whole Foods, Wholly Craft and Voda in Columbus after they're made at AmyD's suburban headquarters with help from staffers Kara Cronley and Heather Gilbert.

She couldn't be happier with her gig. Below, AmyD shares more about her designs and style.

Why do you think people are into aprons? Mine's not a sexy, flirty apron; it's a sincere apron with a beer pocket. I hate to cook and clean, so I feel like if I have an apron on, I'm in a costume and I'm pretending to cook and clean.

How would you describe your style? It's kind of goofy. It has a sense of humor. And what I wear has to be comfortable.

Who are the most stylish people you know? [Local artist] Sharon Dorsey. She's very consistent; always looks fantastic. She's a mom, and it's really inspiring to see a mom that hasn't given up.

And another friend, Jill Arnett. If I have to wear something fancy, Jill is the one [I talk to]. Everything about her is always just right for the time and place, and I just feel like a big dork.

How often do you buy new clothes ? I hate going shopping for clothes. I shop online sometimes. But almost everything I wear, I make. I get fabric at Volunteers of America and Salvation Army.

Playing favorites

Jeans: Gap

Handbags: Flamestitch

Shoes: Doc Martens and Converse, exclusively

Returning trend: Leggings

Fashion inspiration: "Grease"

Favorite thing she's made: A custom skirt with "suck it" embroidered on the inside of the waistband, to make one of her favorite customers laugh.