Shopping: Shine

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Columbus Alive

The phrase "keeping up with the Joneses" has a different meaning when it comes to this family.

Mom Laura and siblings Jerrod, Israel and Addison Jones are a nucleus of energy, bouncing ideas off each other, radiating positive energy to their "family" of co-workers and catching the interest of shoppers.

Shine, a home decor store that opened last week in Polaris featuring mostly mid-century modern pieces with a modern appeal, is the latest result.

It's big, bright and full of the kinds of polished, vintage-quality wares people are interested in right now, Laura said, with items arranged in mock setups to give people arrangement ideas for home.

"We love everything in there," said Israel, who does most of the day-to-day store managing. "And if we don't love it, we at least know the value of it and know why it's cool, even if it's not our style."

That know-how comes from Laura, a lifelong flea-market-and-auction-goer who is the store's primary buyer. She tarted offering vintage Christmas decor alongside the new, mass-produced items she sold at Glad Tidings, a holiday store the family operated at Easton this past season.

Each member of the Jones family brings his or her own expertise and interests to the group, and together they cover everything from buying to managing.

After gauging interest and making connections, they opened Nest, a mix of (mostly) vintage and new decor in a temporary Easton storefront early this year. Its quirky appeal, relatively inexpensive price point and draw-you-in-from-the-sidewalk-loud oldies music attracted a lot of attention on the mall's north end.

They hope to shake things up just as much with Shine, which will carry the same kinds of things - furniture, wall hangings, kitchen and barware, vases and lamps - but with a little more snazziness Laura termed "house bling."

Items for sale also will include organic soap and tea lines. Mid-century modern furniture reupholstered with eye-catching fabrics will be among the shop's signature offerings.

"Nest is fun stuff," Jerrod said. "[Shine] is bling. It's the one thing in your house that - it's shining."


Second floor of Polaris Fashion Place, near Saks Fifth Avenue