What's in your closet?: Tigertree's Niki Quinn

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Columbus Alive

Who: Niki Quinn

What: Co-owner, Tigertree and Maxine Dear

Where: Photographed in the extra bedroom she and husband Josh use as a closet

Who do you have in mind when you're buying for the store?

For men's buying, we think about my brother, Jason. For women, it's basically what I like, but I have to keep in mind the working woman. It's me if I had an office job.

So how often do you buy something for yourself when a line comes in?

Oh, all the time. We're really fortunate in that we get to carry everything we love. And we get it at wholesale. Josh and I own at least something from every delivery.

How do you describe your style?

I like to mix a lot of vintage stuff. I'm a scavenger, I would say.

What trends have you seen at trade shows that we should look forward to?

I think capes are going to be really big this winter, which I'm really excited about. Not "ren-faire," like you're some kind of Dungeons & Dragons nerd. I think it's actually going to be cool this winter.

What's your favorite city for shopping?

I actually really love shopping in Vegas. We have to go to Vegas twice a year for trade shows, and we're sort of over gambling since we're there so much, so we do a lot of shopping there. And I love thrift-store shopping in Loudonville, where my family lives. And to be honest, I think Columbus has really, really, really good boutique shopping.


Fashion line: To wear: She Bible. "They're from San Francisco, and they do everything out of really comfortable organic fabric."

To admire: Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Chanel

Trend: Oversized necklaces. "I'm not really a jewels kind of person, so I always wear costume jewelry, and I like how much there is available that's fun and easy."

Shoes: Toms Shoes. "I almost always wear them. They're really comfortable, and I have, like, every color."

Accessory: Belts. "A lot of my accessories are really loud, and I have a lot of loud belts."


771 N. High St., Short North



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