Alive's Jury Room wish list

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Restaurateur Liz Lessner announced last week that she plans to overhaul The Jury Room and add the historic Downtown bar and restaurant to her growing eatery empire by November.

As Lessner's team goes to work, here are five things we'd like to see in the revamped space.

5. Traditional barrister uniforms. Nothing screams professionalism like a powdered wig and baggy, floor-length robe. We'd like to see staff adopt the timeless look and feel of the British Chancery Division (pre-Popham era, of course).

4. Gavels at every table. Thirsty? Simply grab that wooden power-wand and announce your refill demands. "Order! Order! Order at Table No. 5!"

3. "12 Angry Men" on continuous loop. Nothing makes our legal system seem more appealing than watching Henry Fonda fight for truth. "A Time to Kill" is an acceptable substitute on special occasions. "Legally Blonde" is not.

2. Free happy-hour food. The last Jury Room incarnation had a good idea going with its gratis after-work appetizers. It just didn't have good food. Remedy that with complimentary stone-fired pizzas (with sweet-potato fries on the side, please).

1. Free happy-hour legal advice. Attorneys are expensive, so a bit of pro-bono criminal counseling would be a good way to draw a crowd.

The Jury Room