Candle-maker's sister reignites Robinett line

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Inhale deeply, holiday shoppers.

Paul Robinett's intoxicating scents have returned to a more permanent home in the Short North, thanks to a new shop operated by his sister.

Located in an upstairs boutique at 9 Buttles Ave., Ann Robinett Aromatherapy Candle will offer the family's trademark recipes and a quiet, European-style shopping experience. Currently 39 fragrances are available.

"It's been a little bit of a challenge because it's not the old shop and I'm not my brother," Ann Robinett said by phone Tuesday. "I'm hoping it will become a new thing for me. He's making me come into my own."

The two also cooperated for years on the original Robinett line before the business shut down earlier this year.

"He makes a great product - he's a perfectionist," she said. "To have someone give me something like that is amazing."

Ann Robinett Aromatherapy Candle

9 Buttles Ave., Ste. 116, Short North