New store: Inside

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Walking into Inside is like walking into a catalog of bohemian-chic showrooms.

Greeting customers is a dining room setting that includes an industrial metal table and 1920s wood-and-metal chairs found at a Parisian flea market.

There's a living room on the left, with a glass tabletop propped on a ship's propeller.

A turn to the right and shoppers find a workshop full of accessories and pieces waiting to be transformed into something clever, and the front houses a sunroom area with chairs, a couch and lamps created from salvaged foundry gears.

"The way everything's set up isn't an accident," said co-owner David Berg. "We want to show lifestyle and concept rooms. We want to inspire."

Inside, which opened in mid-November, occupies the former Urban Gardener space in the Short North.

Berg and fellow owners Paige Langdale and Julie DeVito Butler had been talking about opening a home decor store for several years. When they found a place in the Short North with off-street parking, they knew they had a winner.

The trio stocks Inside with items from various national vendors, but many of the pieces are finds from their travels or from local artisans.

"We buy what we love," Langdale said, "things we're passionate about."

That can be anything from wooden chandeliers to trashed race car steering wheels.

DeVito Butler and Berg are interior designers, and they use their connections to find unique and recycled items that they turn into decor.

As the name implies, the store stocks lots of interior must-haves - framed artworks, lighting fixtures, moss decor balls, rustic vases, dining and living room furniture - but the yard outside the building offers garden and landscaping accessories as well.

As for cost, expect to find "a range between Pottery Barn prices and below designer prices," Berg said. "Everyone can buy something, from a $5 candle to a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture. We want that repeat customer - where they can find smaller pieces first and come back as they add on."

To help do that, Inside will redecorate the eye-candy rooms nearly every month.

"We'll have to go shopping again," DeVito Butler said. "Darn."


940 N. High St., Short North


Hours: 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Sunday