Beauty: Posh Nail Bar

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Posh Nail Bar is out to prove a nail salon doesn't have to smell like chemicals.

Owner Nicolas Do doesn't enjoy working around the fumes that come from acrylic nails, and he didn't think patrons at his new Westerville salon would appreciate the smell. So he offers the nail service in a private room equipped with a special air filtration system.

Nail clippers and cuticle trimmers are sterilized just like doctor's office tools, and mini nail files and buffers are sent home with customers after their appointments.

Those touches help create a modern salon experience, along with the store's crisp black, red and white decor and eco- and nail-friendly polish removers, nail cleaners and nail colors.

You're sure to leave Posh smelling good. During the Exclusive Healing Manicure and Pedicure, a scented soy wax candle burns while your nails are filed and cuticles are trimmed, and then the melted wax is used for a wax treatment.

Better yet is the salon's gel polish, which is applied to natural nails just like the regular stuff, but dries after only 30 seconds under a UV light and stays chip-free and shiny for 30 days. (Do and his staff are converting plenty of acrylic addicts with this service.)

And those who opt for a standard-polish manicure get a free polish change - either a fresh application or an entirely new color - after seven days.

Do gets his ideas from years in the business - he ran Zenity Salon in New Albany for several years before selling it recently.

He said he also looks at big-city salons' websites and mines his sisters, who live in France, for new ideas.

Posh Nail Bar is expanding into waxing next, and a private, cabana-themed pedicure room - for couples, friends or men who want a separate setting - is in the works.

Posh Nail Bar

925 N. State St., Westerville