Breakfast review: Eggfast pancakes

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Eggfast is a hungover college student's (or Alive reporter's) dream. They serve breakfast, stay open 24 hours, take orders online and deliver.

The quick-serve restaurant has two seasonal specials right now: Buckeye and eggnog pancakes.

I tried ordering the variations on this morning classic online, but they're not listed on the menu. A phone call, however, was painless, and they had my breakfast to me in 45 minutes.

Here are the results of my sugar binge.

Buckeye pancakes

I was going to be fair and start with the eggnog pancakes because I figured they'd be less obtrusive to my palate.

But as I pulled the boxes out of the paper bag, the smell of the Buckeye pancakes made me feel like those cartoon characters that float while following the scent of a pie.

Inside were four big flapjacks choked with chocolate chips and peanut butter.

The first bite was a candy-lover's dream. No syrup required. It tasted like a melted Buckeye.

The only problem is that there are four of these guys. I could barely get through one. It's $5 for an order, so I recommend making sure you're starving for sweets or have someone to share with. At least that's my plan the next time I order them.

You must have milk available, too. It does the pancakes good.

Eggnog pancakes

These holiday bad boys were about what you'd expect - regular-looking pancakes that tasted like eggnog.

They were good pancakes, moist and fluffed to perfection. The beverage's presence was evident right from the first chew but wasn't detectable in the aftertaste - it's nice that the creamy, custardy taste wasn't overpowering.

Except for the strange reminder of eggnog in the beginning, they tasted like the tried-and-true regular version, which is probably what I'll stick to next time. There's a reason they're classics.


24 E. 12th Ave., Campus