What's in your kitchen?: Vicki Hink, aka The Angry Baker

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Who: Vicki Hink

What: Owner/chef at The Angry Baker, to open in Olde Towne East in January

Where: In the kitchen of her Olde Towne East apartment

Motto: "Dessert before dinner"

1. Fresh fruit

"A lot of recipes call for frozen fruit, but I like to use fresh fruit. You can use it in things like muffins, and you can puree it and use it in anything. Also, with vegan baking, you can use a quarter-cup of any pureed fruit to replace one egg."

2. Pure vanilla extract

"I put vanilla in everything. It goes well with citrus. It goes really well with lemon, or just in any cookie or cake. Any recipe I'm baking, even if it doesn't call for it, I always put in at least a little bit. And if it does call for vanilla, I usually put double."

3. High-fat butter

"Especially when I'm baking, I like to use a high-fat butter. You might have to go to Whole Foods or a specialty store to get it, but it gives anything more flavor. When baking, all of your ingredients, including eggs, are supposed to be at room temperature. If your butter isn't, just soften it at 10-second increments in the microwave."

4. Microplane zester and white chocolate

"It's really useful for any kind of zest - for baking or regular cooking. It's also good for chocolate, for plating desserts - if you just want a little bit right on top. And I like to chop up blocks of chocolate for cookies so they're not perfect little chips."