2010 in Review: Year in food photos

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Warming over another cliche, if you are what you eat, then here are some of the thousands of things I became in 2010 (look how pretty I was!).

I can't wait to see all the dishes I'll be in 2011. Happy New Year, everyone.

DK Diner, Doughnuts

I used to joke I'd only indulge in a doughnut splurge on national holidays. Then my mouth got acquainted with the superior handheld pastries fried daily at DK Diner. Ungreasy, irregularly shaped, craggy and dense, no one - and I mean no one! - makes better doughnuts in Columbus. (Try the intense blueberry, deep chocolate and killer apple fritter.)

Huong, Bun Tom Nuong

From "tapioca cake" ravioli to the bangin' banquet-on-a-plate Com Suron Bi Cha to a massive bowl of seared shrimp and vermicelli (Bun Tom Nuong, pictured), Huong, an inexpensive Vietnamese mom-n-popper, rocks.

Venky's Spice House, Chicken Hariyali

Fried curry leaves and a fiery sort of Indian pesto popping with cilantro, green pepper, mint and chilis ignite large chunks of chicken into this explosive appetizer.

Skillet, Pig Mac

Consider the deadly serrated knife holding this towering monster together the calling card of a killer sandwich. It slayed me with its homemade pickles, smoked gouda and hog trifecta - cider-braised pulled pork, slabs of herby loin and bacon.

Bono Pizza

Bono's pizzas can transport me straight to Italy. Why? A delicate, thin crust singed in a wood-burning oven running at 1600 degrees; uncompromising ingredients; and this secret Italian spice: amore.