Shopping with Milk Bar's Kareem Jackson and Eric Hayes

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Milk Bar boutique is a hip designer-lover's dream, especially for those who like prep mixed with street. Co-owners Eric Hayes and Kareem Jackson have, essentially, stocked their fantasy shelves.

The guys say they get their own shirts, jeans, jackets, belts and accessories from Milk Bar. Jackson's favorite item is a handmade Farm Tactics Survivalist vest, while Hayes prefers his Life/ After/ Denim rider denim shirt.

Here's a sample of their other fashion favorites.

Kareem Jackson , 27

Describe your style:

That's a hard one. Classic with a twist.

Who's your favorite designer right now?

Mister Freedom. I like theinspired clothing. The rugged look is more manly than most designers, and the clothes are made to sustain.

Any item you wear more than any other piece?

My Brixton Brood hat. I ride motorcycles. In old-school chopper biker culture, that style of hat was a staple. It fits well with any outfit I choose to wear, and it can fit well under my helmet.

What's your favorite trend right now?

Americana. So many other countries like Japan have been using classic American looks and styles and making it their own. It's good tosee American designers starting to take pride in the classic looks that are timeless.

Any local boutiques you frequent?

I always stop in our neighbors Sole Classics for shoes, then I usually hit up Clintonville for Embassy Boardshop as well. I stop in them all, truthfully.

Where do you go locally for fashion inspiration?

Nightlife events. Just seeing what the everyday person is wearing out to catch someone's eye.

Where do you shop for:

Groceries?: Trader Joe's

Shoes?: Repertoire, Sole Classics and Embassy Boardshop

Home items?: Collier West

Eric Hayes , 25

D escribe your style:

I love traditional Americana with touches of street wear. All with a focus on fit and cut.

Who ' s y our favorite designer right now?

Raf Simons and Martin Margiela. I love how both of these guys take chances and push fashion further along.

Any item you wear more than any other piece?

I still wear my A.P.C. denim a few times a week. By far they're my favorite pair of jeans. I've worn them in two years now, and they have my wear and tear all over them.

Recent splurge ?

Raf Simons sneakers and a Gucci suit.

What fashion blogs do you read?,, Superfuture and

Where do you go locally for fashion inspiration?

I actually like to see what art students are into. They typically don't have the money to shop at expensive shops, but they are often very fashionable.

Where do you shop for:

Art?: Miki Gotoh makes a lot of my art

Booze?: Vino 100

Home items?: Grid and Inside

Milk Bar Boutique

765-A N. High St., Short North