Crafts: Non-holiday wreaths

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

This one began like many other projects of mine: shopping on Etsy and coming across something that made me think, "I could do that." That site is a treasure trove of crafting inspiration.

And being a wine lover, a cork-covered wreath caught my eye. A Google image search showed that the wreath had been made successfully before. So now all I needed was a bunch of corks.

The setting:

I figured this would be a pretty easy, one-afternoon project and set about gathering my supplies: a Styrofoam wreath base, corks (about 60 ordered on eBay for less than $10, plus about 20 of my own) and some decorative grapes and leaves. I also needed Styrofoam-safe, fast-drying glue, which I found at a hobby shop.

The crafting:

To make things easier, I first sawed the wreath base, which was a thick circle of Styrofoam, in half with a knife so it would be flatter and not require as many corks to cover it. Then I spray-painted it brown to camouflage any exposed areas.

I glued the corks along the inside of the wreath base first, then the outside. The two inner rows followed, and finally the top row, leaving a section near the bottom open for the grapes. I made sure to position all of the winery logos facing out and to put the most interesting ones on top.

The aftermath:

I felt pretty darn proud of my handiwork, and everyone that's seen the wreath has been impressed by it. The project was easy and turned out to be a great way to memorialize all of those great bottles.

I even found a use for the other half of the wreath base: I covered it in newspaper flowers.

All you have to do is stack sheets of newspaper (I prefer always-colorful Alive) and cut out flower shapes.

Put four or five together, fan them out slightly, and poke a push-pin through the center and into the base. Pack the flower bunches close enough together, finesse them a bit with your fingers so they're a bit more 3D, and poof! You've easily created a pretty wall decoration out of your favorite Columbus entertainment weekly.