Spicy foods: Bangkok Fish at Chi Thai

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Columbus Alive

Beautiful, exotic and dangerous, Bangkok Fish ($17) is like a seductive vampire. Its generously sized, thickly crusted and expertly deep-fried filets of tilapia arrive sexily dressed in a see-through outfit of diced bell peppers, jalapenos and garlic.

The fish is further flattered by a sweet, salty and anise-perfumed Thai basil sauce that shows off the minerally tilapia's best assets. The filets recline on a bed of shredded and sauteed veggies, like snow pea pods and cabbage.

As you give in to its magnetic charms, you become mesmerized by its alluring flavors and textures. But what at first seemed like a mild heat slowly begins to build and build. Still, you can't stop yourself; you're in too deep. Then, right when you think you can handle this addictive Bangkok fish, it viciously bares its hidden fangs and suddenly you realize you were a goner from the very first bite.

Heat factor: 3 out of 4

Chi Thai

5577 N. Hamilton Rd., Gahanna



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