Spicy foods: Ezme at Cafe Ephesus

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Columbus Alive

Sparkly and colorful, ezme ($5) is a Turkish salad/salsa that at Cafe Ephesus is presented prettily on the plate. But it's pretty like a Venus Flytrap. Sure, this ezme is spirally molded like the pinwheeling petals of a flower, but believe me, it's a blazing botanical buzzsaw that means to rip you to pieces.

Made with olive oil and minced bell peppers, carrots and chilis, it has a bright fruity flavor that quickly volatizes into a scalding heat. One of the hottest things on this list, the ezme at Ephesus will delight your eyes, thrill your brain and potentially cauterize your lips.

Heat factor: 4 out of 4

Cafe Ephesus

6720 Perimeter Loop Rd., Dublin



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