Spicy foods: Hot Stuff

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

I have a high tolerance for pain and get easily bored. That's why I'm a fan of foods that bite you back - you know, spicy delights.

But while I like an exciting oral sting, only an idiot (i.e. a younger me) would eat things so insanely hot that the experience becomes a heat-seeking case of fire just for the sake of fire. I mean if your only aim is to shoot steam out of your ears and nose, then why not have at it by chomping directly into that should-be-illegal jolokia "ghost" chili pepper.

So if, like me, you chase after foods with a controlled burn, here are some interesting edibles that - from salad through dessert and from soup to nuts - will stimulate, scintillate and provocatively singe your tongue. Each benefits from a threatening combustibility without ever getting completely engulfed in flavor-obliterating flames (unless you're there on a day when the chef "over-seasons" - hey, it happens). Light 'em up, thrill jockeys!

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