Spicy foods: Spicy Ass Pepperoni at Late Night Slice

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Heed this slice's "burns twice" name, because it does not falsely advertise its claims of fiery assets. A big ol' piece of very nice, thin, puffy and yeasty crusted pizza ($3) with garlicky accents comes fully armed with an arsenal of orally detonating weapons.

There's oregano-flecked, spicy tomato sauce; blots of sweet, hot and garlicky sriracha; zingy pepperonis; the two-timing burn of acid and chili from banana peppers; and sometimes heavy sprinkles of crushed chili pepper seeds. On their own, each heating element doesn't supply a hell of a lot of fire, but when combined, they can easily reach critical mass in your hubristic mouth.

Heat factor: 3 out of 4

Late Night Slice

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