Beauty: Eco-chic tips

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Columbus Alive

You can do a lot in 15 minutes - take a power nap, exhaust a fame allowance, save hundreds of dollars on car insurance - just ask Cathy Tiffany.

The Salon Lofts stylist spent 20 years working with a local chapter of the Rainforest Action Network, but felt like she was "preaching to the choir."

Then, while watching a "Today Show" segment about how women's lives had changed during the recession, inspiration struck.

"Really, in 15 minutes, I had B.A.B.E.S all mapped out," she said.

B.A.B.E.S is the name of her new website and stands for Be A Better Earthling. Hoping to help Mother Nature bank on people's inclination to do the right thing during the economic crisis, Tiffany offers advice on how to be eco-friendly in every aspect of life.

Here's some of her green insight to help you prepare your beauty cabinet for spring.

Use kinder products. For nearly every beauty product, you can find a brand that makes it out of organic ingredients - shampoo, toothpaste, cotton balls. Read between the lines on the label, too. Be cautious of items that use ambiguous statements such as "Final product not tested on animals."

Hands off the palms. Rainforests and the natural habitats inside of them are being burned down to create palm tree plantations, so avoid products made with palm oil.

Raze razor consumption. Nearly two billion plastic razors are sentenced to a slow death in landfills each year, Tiffany said. Ditch the disposables and use razors that require only the blade cartridge to be replaced.

Don't get overwhelmed. "It's about making the best choice you can. Do one new thing a month," Tiffany said. "If everyone did a little, it would be a lot."

Be A Better Earthling