In the Mood: Hyde Park

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Columbus Alive

Hyde and Seek

The bar/lounge area in the Hyde Park Steakhouse on the Cap is the very embodiment of Valentine's Day. I mean, it could have been designed by a team of scholars with PhDs in matchmaking.

It's swanky, curvy, dimly lit, and drenched in rich red tones from carpet to overhead fabric. What's more, this sexy-looking upscale palace is equipped with plush couches, a fireplace and wide, secluded semi-circular "love booths" that'll enable you to easily huddle up next to your cuddly date.

And I haven't even gotten to the coddling, opulent and pampering food yet. Actually I won't rush that, because I suggest you start off with flowers for your paramour. Forgot 'em? No problem. Opt for Hyde's Elderflower Martinis - they're fruity and sweet, but pack in a little love bite of citrus and hooch on the back end.

Next up, it has to be oysters, Casanova's favorite. They really do the bivalves right here - super-fresh, glimmering half shells come embedded in a sea of sparkling, crushed ice cradling all the expected accents and accoutrements.

After those luscious slurps of ocean-kissed delights, it's time for your affair of the heart - the Hearts of Romaine Caesar Salad, that is. It's tossed in a rich and creamy dressing and is accessorized with wonderfully crunchy, garlicky croutons.

Now, I think it's time you play Hyde, the beefsteak. I suppose Hyde's famous Steak Woody would be a good choice here - it's named after the high-scoring OSU coach and comes tricked out with a bunch of bacony add-ons - but, frankly, I'd opt for something less filling that won't weigh you down later on.

So I'm going to recommend you go with the Twin Filets - two beautiful three-and-a-half-ounce slabs of seared and juicy love draped in a silky bearnaise sauce.

Sharing those modest but mighty mouthwatering pieces of meat could send you straight to bed, but they won't put you to sleep.

Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse

569 N. High St., Short North