Restaurant Review: Giuseppe & Lola's Trattoria

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Hot Wedded Bliss

With a handful of fanciful, red cupidy hearts dancing all around it, the sign outside of Lola's trattoria in Gahanna looks like an oversized Valentine's card. The metaphor seems perfect.

Lola and Giuseppe (he goes by Joe) are an old married couple whose familiar, teasing sense of humor toward each other and evident affection for each other could only be the result of lives long entwined together in marriage. Consider their wedded union an encouraging example of an enduring relationship for wary - or prospective - lovers.

Speaking of matrimony, say "I do" to Lola and Joe's Wedding Soup. In fact, I recommend you share a steaming hot bowl of it.

And as you and your date two-spoon your way through the silky, soothing and delicious homemade chicken broth, let the soup's warm coupling of meatballs and chicken, pasta and greens, and veggies and cheese be a sign that not only can opposites attract, they can stay together harmoniously for as long as they exist (or until dinner do them part).

Lola's Baci

100 Granville St., Gahanna