Sandwich Guide: 'Wich hunt

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Sandwiches chart my past like an exhibition of snapshots. There I am with baby fat wriggling on my giggling mother's lap and gumming my way through peanut butter smeared on Wonder loaf for the first time.

In another bread-bordered scene, I'm eagerly swinging open my treasured Cincinnati Reds lunchbox only to discover that my crazy visiting granny has lovingly made me a crazy-looking sandwich gooped up with every possible condiment she could find - viscous spreads I had not yet learned to love.

Or I'm 13 and visiting Europe for the first time, and I marvel at a deep-fried cheese sandwich in England, can't believe how great Parisian bread feels between my teeth, have an epiphany with prosciutto in Rome.

I bet you're the same. I bet cheap and easy-to-eat sandwiches freeze-frame unforgettable moments of your life. So maybe you'll always remember a daring - if misguided - experiment with anchovies and rye in high school, or, say, that first-ever gyro you excitedly wolfed down while stumbling home after that night of 1,000 taverns during your wild first year in college.

Well, Columbus is home to a slew of great sandwiches too - and like the city itself, they range from the restrained to the deranged. Since warmer weather better points up the portability of sandwiches, I thought I'd fashion a varied little list now, though really there is no season of sandwich eating; it's a meal for all times.

Sure, this tally could be - and maybe sometime will be - rebuilt to at least triple its size, but for now, here's a few bites worth chewing over that just might provide you with new savory memories of your own. (Note: for the sake of simplicity, brevity and sanity, I omitted hot dogs and hamburgers - those are stories unto themselves.)