Burger kings: The Rossi

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The hot flame

The Rossi Burger, $9

The Rossi blends copper, brown and brick with a double-jigger of terrific music and a healthy dash of Short North hip to whip up a cocktail of hang-loose saloon and excellent food unmatched in the city. No wonder the smooth and cool Rossi is lapped up and loved by such a large and eclectic crowd.

The Attraction: Authentic backyard flavor unencumbered by backyard incompetence

There's lots of things you can do to a burger, but nothing beats searing it over smoking-hot coals. Too often at home, though, attempts to achieve that highly prized, sizzle-created taste involve suffering through a battery of backyard misfires, grease fires and charred yet raw potential E. coli bombs.

That's what makes the Rossi's explosively flavorful and professionally grill-branded burger so great. (I like to call this meaty and smoke-scented monster the great Grillzilla.) Adding to the high-heat fun are a toasty and flaky bun and complementing rich and acidic accents from mayo, pickle and tomato.

Hot stuff on the side: The great Grillzilla comes with an army of long, thin fries that are (usually) not too greasy. Alongside these is an inspired bright and creamy basil aioli that flatters both the tubers and the burger.