Burgers & Fries: Burger kings

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Burgers and fries - cue the Aaron Copland music - are food fare for the common man. Because burgers and fries are satisfying and unfussy chow-down grub perfectly suited to hardworking and hungry people multitasking in a hurry. And as befits our democratic tastes, you clearly don't need a fancy chef or a complicated recipe to cook burgers and fries.

Burgers and fries - for better and for worse, and in sickness and in health - is the food we Americans are married to. If, however, you've ever thought about getting a divorce because going back to that same old piece of meat and potatoes over and over is starting to feel boring, here are six terrific local versions of burgers and fries sure to refire your romance with your first true love and our culinary American birthright.