Burgers & Fries: Fancy fries

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

At some places, fries come with ketchup. Elsewhere, they're almost an art form. Here's a look at some of the most impressive and delicious varieties found around town.

Papas Fritas

Barrio, Downtown

A fry is only as good as its dipping sauce, and the sherry vinegar aioli served with Barrio's Spanish-style fries is a big part of what elevates this dish to the top of the heap. The sweet and creamy aioli gets a nice tartness from the sherry vinegar, and the end result is nothing short of addictive. Before I know it, I've dipped and devoured every single one of those garlic-and-herb-dusted papas fritas. Most places, I would feel a little self-conscious ordering a bowl of fries for dinner. Not here. -Shelley Mann

Sweet and Hot Fries

Flatiron Bar & Diner, Downtown

As the name implies, there's a lot going on with Flatiron's Sweet and Hot Fries. The heap of hand-cut, skin-on fries - already deliciously greasy and crispy - are spritzed with balsamic vinegar, sprinkled with red pepper flakes and topped off with a handful of Vermont cheddar cheese shavings. One bite might have a vinegar kick, while the next is fiery. And though the mild, melty cheese helps balance everything out, be assured that you'll leave with a slightly singed palate. -Brittany Kress

Parmesan Truffle Fries

Latitude 41, Downtown

I entered Latitude 41 with my eyes on the fries, but the crispy potato side dish would've quickly grabbed my attention anyway. Slightly thicker than your average fries and piled high on the plate, these truffled guys comprised more than half my meal. And with cooked-on parmesan and leafy herbs contributing seasoning that got more intense with each bite but never overwhelmed my palate, I wasn't about to complain. My sandwich was an afterthought. -Chris DeVille

Roquefort Frites

Bon Vie, Easton

These hand-cut fries are doused in a creamy horseradish sauce then sprinkled with crumbled Roquefort. A tip - the first fry you pluck from the pile of cheesy goodness should be the very top one. That way, you'll be sure to get the perfect combination of pungent blue cheese, tangy horseradish and golden-brown french fry. And the fries are just about the perfect specimen - plenty of fluffy white potato surrounded by a nicely crunchy exterior. -Shelley Mann