Chosen pizza: Matt the Miller's Chipotle Shrimp Flatbread

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The super casual, semi-upscale sportspub setting at Matt the Miller's belies the serious food its kitchen shoots out. And from sushi-style ahi tuna nachos with a Guinness/soy glaze and wasabi aioli to expertly seared steaks and locally raised chicken and juicy pork, MTM's portions are as big as its well-honed flavors.

Here's a place where you can enjoyreal cheffy-style delightswhile wearing shorts, sucking back excellent suds from 14 taps and yelling at the television when your favorite baseball team's bullpen experiences another late-inning meltdown.

Why the pie?: India and Mexico cozy up with each other somewhere in Louisiana.

Eat it: This looksnearly as racy as it tastes. Imagine the bold flavors of three ethnic restaurants coexisting harmoniously on a thin and crispy, slightly puffy crust, and you'll have an idea of what it's like to rip into this fantastic flatbread.

Playing the role of tangy sauce is what the menu calls a "sweet cilantro pesto spread" - it tastes a lot like an Indian coriander chutney. Mounding that are chopped, chipotle-flavored shrimp, big cubes of spicy, Cajun-style tasso ham (the real stars of this show), pepperjack cheese and cooling striations of a limey sour cream sauce.

Matt the Miller's Tavern

6725 Avery-Muirfield Drive, Dublin