Chosen pizza: Six unusual pies

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Unbaked pizza dough is like a blank slate that places can decorate with their local color. For instance, the hearty folks from old Chicago (which Carl Sandburg called "hog butcher to the world") prefer their pies to be sausagy,fatand saucy; health-conscious and trendsetting Californians like their pizzas to be thin-crusted and lightly covered with newly fashionable toppings.

If Columbus is not so closely identified with a particular style of pizza pie, that only speaks to the variegated charms of our very modern and increasingly diverse city. Here, menus do not conform to a legacy-dictated type of cooking, but rather areever-evolving andrefreshingly allover the map.

For these reasons,I picked pizza as a delicious vehicle to help highlight the wide range of uncommonplace food being cooked today in our fair city. So here's a few non-traditional pizza pies (only one has tomato sauce)available atnon-pizza-specializing restaurants that exhibita bit of the variety Columbus kitchens have to offer. Rally 'round these delectable pizzas, people, but save a slice for me.