Classic Columbus Haunts

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Like all reporting, the bulk of my food stories concerns what isnew out there. Not this time.

No, for this article, I traveled far in the opposite direction, zooming throughfaded calendar pages to a pre-laptop, pre-internet, hell, basicallypre-TV era of Columbuspracticallynone of us would recognize.I wentto taste thepast.

What I found out is that the nostalgic flavors of an old-fashioned Buckeye capital are still around to be savored at a handful of remarkably intact restaurants. These are defiantly durable places that have outlasted food fads, stayed true to theirvision, withstood the gravitationaltug of time. These are Columbus dining classics. (Note: For my purpose, that translatedintoa restaurant business still operationalafter more thanhalf a century).

To feast at thesepersevering eateries is to realize they are not museums, butstill-thriving kitchen contenders packed withloyal, happy-munching regulars having a good old meal orderedfrom menus rife with vintage (sometimes endangered) dishes. So check 'em out, make a trip down history lane, and take a bite out of time - you might just find it tastes surprisingly fresh.