Crepe crusaders: Foodie Cart

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

For creativity, labor-intensive cheffy preparations and outright deliciousness, this little cart takes the crepe award. Plus, their many, daily-changing and truly inspired Japanese-style crepes - which are smaller but more nuanced, supple and delicate than the others - can be eaten in hand and on the go.

On the minor downside, the creative quirkiness of the owners sometimes translates into a bit of flakiness in the showing-up department (they've improved in this area, but follow their Twitter feed closely as info tends to change on the fly). Also, big eaters will need more than one to fill up on (they're $5 apiece).

That said, the juicy, potently flavored curried pulled pork strands with super-fresh slaw I chomped into was wonderful. (4 stars)

Ditto for the Azuki bean with strawberries, whose moderately sweet, beany heartiness was balanced by bright-tasting fruit. (3.5 stars)