Crepe crusaders: Leslie's Creperie

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Primarily a friendly husband-and-wife business, Leslie's is the newest player in the crepe arena, rolling out their handsome cart for the first time just a couple of weeks ago.

While Leslie's website strongly emphasizes its European-ness, the enterprise seemed at least as much contemporary American - especially in its filling choices for savory crepes (black beans, salsa, chicken and cheddar cheese), which made them eat like "crepe-adillas." The chicken and cheese I tried ($6) featured a nicely made crepe, but also supermarket-quality cheese and bland chicken. 2.5 stars

Leslie's sweet crepe I sampled (Nutella with sliced-to-order bananas and strawberries) was super messy but tasted really good. As for "European," though it was impossible to eat on the run, it did remind me of some crepes I've eaten on the streets of Paris. 3 stars.